the President of the Permanent Council

The Islamic Solidarity Fund of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has been a continuous activity since its establishment in 1974 in providing humanitarian assistance to consolidate the noble meanings of true solidarity among the Muslim peoples and societies in Muslim Member States and Muslim minorities in the world and focused its efforts on humanitarian relief and the construction of mosques, Centers and associations, spreading the Islamic call, and caring for Muslim youth. Over the years, with the support of OIC Member States.

The Islamic Solidarity Fund has contributed to the needs of the Islamic world. The Fund has adopted a method of work which has been refined by experimentation. It is careful, accurate, scientific and documented, and flexible in responding to requests for grants and assistance that have varied to include wide areas of education, health and existing and innovative Islamic centers. Muslim to preserve their faith and purity of their prey and to stand up to the needs of Muslim peoples and minorities.

Although it has provided $ 221 million in 2,595 projects in this period, its Permanent Council and its departments are proud of its serious and sustained work to promote solidarity among Muslims and to serve the issues of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, although our ambitions and hopes are great In doubling the voltage more.

I call upon all OIC Member States, institutions, associations and individuals to make generous contributions to support the Islamic solidarity and brotherhood, and to instill a spirit of giving and giving among Muslims in order to achieve the Fund’s goals aimed at raising the status of the Muslim peoples and societies.

Ambassador Nasser bin Abdullah bin Hamdan al-Zaabi

Permanent Chairman of the Islamic Solidarity Fund