Requirements for assistance

1. To apply to the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

2. To apply to the President of the Permanent Council of the Fund.

3. The application shall be submitted directly to the executive organ of the Fund or by regular mail or e-mail.

4. Communicate by regular mail, e-mail, or the Fund’s website.

5. The executive branch shall examine all requests for assistance after the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy or the consulate of the country in which the beneficiary is located.

the conditions

– Fill out the application form for assistance.

– Attach a copy of the declaration of establishment of the association.

– Attach a copy of the license to build the project.

– Attach a copy of the license to practice the desired activity in its financing.

– Attach a temporary analytical study to the project.

– The number of three reminders from Islamic or governmental bodies.

Assistance forms

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