Is the body responsible for the implementation of the objectives, programs and decisions of the Fund issued by the Permanent Council and carry out the work of the secretariat of the Fund from the administrative, financial and technical aspects, preparing the working papers and documents of the sessions of the Council and the control of the detailed minutes.

Executive Affairs
Direct responsibility for achieving IFAD’s programs and objectives.
Establish internal executive procedures to ensure the conduct of work.
Direct supervision of the preparation of the draft budget of the Fund.
Protocol and Public Relations.
Follow up the implementation of the projects of the Fund and contribute to the delivery of assistance to those who deserve it.
Recruitment of staff in accordance with the applicable recruitment rules of the Organization.
The responsibility of the Permanent Council for the implementation of its decisions and the management of the executive branch.
Representing the Fund in Islamic conferences and related meetings.

B) Social, cultural, educational, health and humanitarian affairs.

C. Financial affairs, monitoring the accounts of the Fund, its timing, investment and supervision of all final accounts of the Fund.

D. Administrative and support operations.

E) The Emergency Committee is a tripartite committee formed in accordance with the decision of the Eighth Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers (10/8-W). Its membership includes the Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Chairman of the Permanent Council and the representative of the State of Headquarters. Crises and natural disasters in Islamic countries by deciding on emergency assistance in the name of the Fund to alleviate the crisis or disaster.

He held the position of Executive Director from 1982 to 2009

Mr. Ibrahim Ould Ismail Mauritania 1982
Mr. Sulaiman Abu Bakr Al-Bakhir Saudi Arabia 1986
Mr. Hassan Mohamed Daoud, Morocco, 1989
Mr. Mohamed Yunus Mizan Malaysia 1991
Mr. Abdullah Abdi Hirsi Somalia 1996
Mr. Ghazi Mohammed Hakim Bakhsh Saudi Arabia 2003
Mr. Ibrahim bin Abdullah Al Khazem Saudi Arabia 2009