Permanent Council

As it is the entity responsible for the Fund and its activities before the Foreign Ministers Conference and the official and judicial authorities and other institutions concerned.
Its main tasks are to work towards achieving the objectives of the Fund, to plan and prepare its executive programs after its approval by the Islamic Conferences, to supervise and follow up all the activities of the Fund’s Executive Board, to approve internal regulations and to approve the Fund’s final accounts and budgets.

The Permanent Council is composed of 21 members as follows:
– A selection of the Member States of the Organization elected by them
Conference of Foreign Ministers for four years 13 members
Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation
President of the Islamic Development Bank
Selected heads of charities 3 members
An elite group of philanthropic philanthropists 3 members

[Preservation of the Headquarters State (Saudi Arabia) as a permanent member of the Council]

The Permanent Council meets periodically at the invitation of the Executive Director of the Fund in coordination with the President of the Council, on an exceptional or emergency basis, whenever necessary, at the invitation of the President or the Secretary General or two-thirds of the members.

The term of office of the Council shall be four years. The Council shall elect a Chairman and a Vice-President from among its elected members of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers. Their term of office shall be for the duration of the session of the Council and renewable.
The first session of the Permanent Council of the Islamic Solidarity Fund was held on 15 March 1975 at the headquarters of the General Secretariat in Jeddah. The second session was held on 9 June 1975 in Kampala, Uganda. The course was then held annually, with results achieved in Sorouh. In the period from 27-28 February 2008 at the headquarters of the General Secretariat in Jeddah, a new start of the Fund and the internal regulations were adopted to achieve flexibility of its executive to meet the requirements of the ten-year program.

The presidency of the Permanent Council from 1976 to 1989

 ,Dr. Ezz El Din Ibrahim

UAE November 1976
Prof. Abbas Ghazzawi, Saudi Arabia, November 1982
Prof. Yousef Mohammed Saleh Al-Awadi Kuwait February 1985
Ambassador / Nasser bin Abdullah bin Hamdan Al Zaabi UAE in May 1989