The Fund has contributed in many social, cultural, economic, educational and health projects in the member countries and Islamic minorities. The number of projects established or financed by the Fund amounted to 2595 projects until 2016 at a total cost of $ 221 million.

Islamic University of Uganda:

The university aims to raise the level of the peoples of Central and East Africa in terms of scientific and cultural, and to prepare the leading cadres of the Muslims of this region, a scientific building proud of all its members for its scientific and moral reputation. The university started its activities in 1981 with eight students, and the number of students currently enrolled is 9,000 students .

2. The Islamic University of Niger:

The university aims to provide university education for Islamic sciences and scientific curricula And the other theory of the French-speaking peoples of Africa, and being sponsored Most of the Member States of the Organization of the region’s need for a higher education permit. The university began its activities in 1986 and the number of students currently affiliated with it Two thousand and five hundred students from 20 African countries.

3. American Islamic College of Chicago:

It is a landmark awarded the Chicago Government Higher Education Certificate, and aims to provide Degrees in all fields of applied science, theory and legitimacy of communities Muslim in the area.

4. Islamic Solidarity Center in Guinea-Bissau:

Opened by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau and His Excellency the President of the Republic Gambia in 2008 and contains a modern mosque can accommodate ten thousand worshipers In addition to an educational center consisting of secondary and secondary school, and supervised Kuwait Direct Aid Society on behalf of the Fund on the operation and maintenance work Center.

5- Islamic Solidarity Clinic in Koluban, Dakar, Senegal:

This edifice was established on a land belonging to the Falah Association and the Solidarity Fund contributed Islamic Fund financed construction of more than 80% of the cost of construction, and began its activities in general 2010 to achieve health care for Muslims living in the densest neighborhoods And poor in central Dakar, Senegal.

The effectiveness of the Islamic Solidarity Fund comes in support of the Islamic Ummah At all levels, States and individuals, peoples and groups

6. Support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people: Supporting the steadfastness of the Palestinian people is one of the main objectives of the OIC and the Islamic Cooperation Fund. The Palestinian people have received direct support from the Fund to support their just cause and contribute to the provision of living, health, social, cultural and educational assistance. The Fund has allocated a separate section of its annual budget for spending On this side.

7. Establishment and support of universities and scientific research:

In this regard, the Fund has achieved a great achievement with the number of universities established or funded by 86 universities worldwide, at a total cost of about US $ 60 million worldwide. The most important achievements in this sector include: Projects fully funded by the Fund:

Islamic University of Niger. • University of wisdom – Gambia. • The Islamic University of Uganda. • American Islamic College of Chicago. • The Islamic Institute of Translation, Khartoum

Projects Funded by the Fund in part: • Islamic University of Technology in Dhaka, Bangladesh. • King Faisal Islamic University of N’Djamena – • College of the Union of World Education – The Gambia. • Islamic College of Ouagadougou – Burkina Faso. • Nairobi Islamic Institute – Kenya. • Emad Eddin Institute in Cotonou, Benin. • Supporting the expatriate fund at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Al-Zaytoonah University in Tunis and the International University of Africa-Sudan. Islamic University of Chittagong – Bangladesh.

• The Islamic University of Qarqizia – Bishkek. • Beniamy Women’s College, University of Niger. • College of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language, Somalia. • Al Noor Institute in Port-Kinavasu • Emad Eddin Institute in Cotonou, Republic of Benin. • The European Islamic College in London, UK. • Scholarships for some students at the Islamic University of Malaysia.

Support and establish schools, mosques, hospitals, centers and Islamic societies worldwide.

The Fund provided financial and in-kind assistance to this sector.

• Youth Education House – Djibouti. • School of the Islamic Foundation in Villa Park – America. Dar Al-Arqam School in Seattle, USA. • Hayatem High School – Egypt. • Eman schools – Comoros. • Financing the printing and shipping of 80,000 copies of the Arabic language books for the schools of the Comoros in coordination with the World Federation of Arab Islamic International Schools. • Islamic Solidarity Complex project in Tirana – Albania (mosque – hospital – vocational training center). • Mosque of Abu Ayoub Al-Ansari – Strasbourg – France. • Mosque of Sulaymaniyah – Turkish Cyprus. • Mosque of the Muslims of Sergi-France. • Salam Hospital, Omarabad, India. • Shifa Eye Hospital in Rawalpindi, Islamic Republic of Pakistan. • Dar Al-Shifa hospital in Tripoli, Lebanon. • Kidney transplant hospital – Sudan. • Health center in Arosi, Ethiopia. • House of Disabled Persons – Sri Lanka. • Al-Hussain Cancer Center – Jordan. • Health center in Haraz Republic of Yemen.

4- Dissemination of Islamic Culture: The Fund has worked in various ways to promote the spread of Islamic culture, Financing the printing and translation of the meanings of the Holy Quran, Hadith and Sunnah in many languages.

5 – Activities of Muslim youth: The Fund has supported the activities of Muslim youth, Scouts, Social and Sports in various areas The World, funded by youth camps and Scouts, in coordination with many Islamic institutions in each Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

6. Civilizational Dialogue Seminars: In coordination with the General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the Fund has financed several seminars And forums that serve important Islamic issues and contemporary, in the framework of activating the dialogue of civilization And promote intellectual and cultural understanding in the world, including: the symposium Canada – Australia seminar – New Zealand seminar – Symposium of Ghana – Seminar in Moscow – Seminar on Northern Cyprus Turkish.

7- Media Sector: Given the importance of information in the direct impact in societies, first The Islamic Solidarity Fund pays special attention to this sector, especially after the events The last world, where he contributed to support the establishment of some Islamic radio stations And newspapers in some countries, for example:

• Radio the Holy Quran in Free Town – Sierra Leone. Radio Voice of Islam in Bamako, Mali. • Radio Darfur region – Sudan. • Local radio in Tirana, Albania. • Network station read in both Kenya and Senegal. • Development newspaper in Accra, Ghana.